Project Management

We provide a specialist service in the management of wildlife sites. This might range from making an initial report of the current state of a site developed into a full management plan to carrying out the regular tasks typical of a ranger service. .

Our involvement can be specific to your requirements. This might be a full autonomous management of a site including direct Liaison with overseeing authorities or working alongside a local management committee to provide advice and practical contracting. For example:

  • Management statement and plan writing
  • Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs) long term management service
  • Liaison with Natural England and other relevant conservation organisations
  • Grant application and advice
  • Monitoring and surveying
  • Creation of interpretation
  • Guided walks and presentations

Below are several case studies of sites we have been involved with in the longer term. Where sites may have been in unfavourable or declining status we have worked with the landowner to provide long term management and achieved favourable status.

    Case Studies:

  • Orwell Clunch Pit
  • We have worked with the Orwell Clunch Pit management committee and Natural England since 2007 in furthering the restoration of this unique site.

    Providing practical advice and contracting services to remove and manage scrub to protect this rich chalk grassland habitat, this site holds an ongoing favourable status.

  • ZSL Whipsnade Grasslands
  • In 2008 we were invited to write a condition report on the state of the SSSI at Whipsnade for ZSL. They had become concerned the site was overgrazed and ragwort prolific.

    We were asked to take on the management of the site working alongside the horticulture department. Priority infrastructure work was carried out to regulate grazing, begin a programme of appropriate weed treatment and to work on a management plan. In 2010 we produced a five year plan for the society to bring the site into recovery with the long term aim of favourable status. Work has been intense with the introduction of a new flock of sheep, regulated grazing zones and a thorough programme to reduce ragwort levels to a minimum.

    Recovery status was achieved after two years and favourable after four. The site has seen the return of five species of orchid, a number of rare chalk downland species and now supports over half the native species of butterfly.

    The site also has an adjacent area of land where we have overseen the restoration into rich chalk grassland from inert waste fill.

  • Wilbraham Common
  • We first carried out desperately need scrub clearance on the Common back in 2006. In 2010 we became involved in implementing a ten year programme backed by HLS funding to improve the condition of the site. Along with practical contracting putting up stock fences, scrub removal and sward improvement work we have provided the expertise to focus the management in the right areas of priority to achieve favourable status half way through the programme. We provided a management statement at year 5 to update the original plan from Natural England to focus on further improving the site.

  • Galsey Woods

Galsey Wood is a secondary ancient woodland on private land at Bedford Autodrome.

In conjunction with our browse supply project to zoos we have begun the process of implementing traditional management practices back to the wood. This is predominantly in the form of reopening woodland rides, coppicing and pollarding. This work is carried out closely with the landowner and Wildlife Trust for Bedfordshire.

These traditional woodland practices provide improved habitat for a variety of mammals, invertebrates, ground nesting birds and flora through providing a mosaic of growth structure.

Once leaf material has been cropped for zoo feed we process the remaining timber for logs, timber products and charcoal.

Acer Conservation work for the following organisations in addition to many private landowners and local councils:

  • National Trust
  • RSPB
  • Natural England
  • Zoological Society of London
  • Forestry Commission
  • Greensand Trust
  • Wildlife Trusts